When the Therapist Loves the Patient: What Then?

moderated by Lynn Hamerling, PhD and Amy Van Arsdale, PhD
Member Brunch and Clinical Dialogue
November 16, 11:30am-2:00pm

  • Do we ever speak it? Why we wouldn’t, why we might? Clinical consequences of saying it?
  • Ways to convey our love without saying it?
  • What are the clinical advantages of maintaining more neutrality – and not “just gratifying” the patient?
  • Are there times when breaking this rule might be in order?
  • If you’ve told a patient you love them, what brought you to that decision? How did you feel about it? What was it’s impact on the patient?
  • Are there times you’ve felt you loved a patient, but decided not to say it? Do you know your reasons or was it instinct? How does it feel to keep silent?
  • Are there patient you are working with currently, where it’s an active question for you as to whether or not you would tell them?

You’re invited to join WSPP’s board and members for a brunch and discussion on how we handle and think about our feelings when we love our patients.

Where: Home of Elizabeth Rankin
4513 Davenport Street, NW
Washington DC 20016
O – 202-244-4044
H – 202 237-2263

Please RSVP to:
Elizabeth Rankin – eerankin4619@aol.com
Please bring a brunch dish to share!